…From a very reliable source we’ll call Katty Katrina that in early August of 2008 gajillionaire Google guy Sergey Brin and his lucky wifey Anne plunked down $8,500,000 for a dooplex penthouse on Greenwich Street in Manhattan’s once boho now uber-posh West Village neighborhood.

Now children, we can not confirm this purchase with 100% certitude because the buyer of the 3,457 square foot building topper obfuscated their identity by purchasing the condominium through a bizness entity. So at this point, the purchase is just rumor and gossip. However, all the property records Your Mama was able to dig up concerning this purchase point back to an attorney in Menlo Park, CA which is, of course, not far from Mister Brin’s gigantic Googleplex in Mountain View, CA and Katty Katrina, a gabby gal with a well manicured finger on the pulse of all things swanky in the downtown environs, has never, ever steered Your Mama wrong the real estate doings of the rich and famous in Noo York City.

According to listing information for the 4 bedroom and 3.5 bathroom penthouse that rides astride a brand new, boo-teek sized building, the main floor of the sleek white walled unit includes a private elevator entrance that drops the wildly rich college dropout directly into the apartment and a 48-foot living and dining room space anchored by a long an glorious stretch of walnut floors and a gas fireplace pushed up into one corner. A smallish but very pricey Bulthaup kitchen offers Mister and Missus Google top notch stainless steel appliances and Carrara marble counter tops. The main floor is completed by two bedrooms (one with a private pooper and one with a bathroom across the hallway) and a large master bedroom with a private terrace, and a good amount of closet space.

The penthouse level consists entirely of a giant window wrapped room surrounded by 1,200 square foot of private terrace. Tucked back into the corner of this massive and light filled room is a half bathroom and a wet bar which will spare Mister and Missus Google from having to climb a flight of stairs every time they feel the urge for a gin and tonic and a bag of Cheetos.

Your Mama confesses that if this condo was indeed purchased by the Google gajillionaire (and we think it was), we are absolutely impressed with the couple’s real estate modesty. Because let’s be honest children, according to the folks at Forbes, young Mister Brin has a net worth somewhere near twenty billion bucks and he could easily afford to scoop up Tommy Hilfiger’s $50,000,000 flip penthouse at The Plaza or one of those heart stoppingly high-priced resale units at the Robert A.M. Stern deezined 15 Central Park West.