…from our wickedly well informed tipster Lucy Spillerguts that the perfectly pure Texas-based tween singing sensations The Jonas Brothers are moving into a new house in the swanky East Gate section of Bel Air. Listing information we dug up on their new Bel Air hideaway shows that the property includes a four bedroom main house, a three bedroom guest house, a large office suite and a swimming pool where the boys can host well chaperoned pool parties.

The compound-like property was previously owned by producer Jordan Kerner (Inspector Gadge 1 and 2, George of the Jungle, Fired Green Tomatoes and many more.), but records indicate the estate was recently sold for $5,950,000 to a business entity that does not appear to be linked to the Jonas Brothers. We think–but can not say for sure–that the Jonas family has leased the house.

Like most of the posh properties in Bel Air, the house is almost totally hidden from the street, which means all you virginal tweens and teens should not bother asking your parents to drive you by since there’s nothing to see but a high hedge. Besides, the house also happens to be right next door to the totally secluded and heavily secured Tinseltown estate owned by entrepreneurial pop diva Jennifer Lopez and her skeletal skinny salsa singing huzband Marc Anthony which means that security in the area is always present, probably armed and not the least bit innerested in dealing with a carload of shrieking gurls or gays.

All the tween pop luvvin‘ children will recall that the Jonas family were recently reported to have purchased a 7,360 square foot mansion with 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms at the Vaquero Club, a fancy schmancy guard gated community in Westlake, Texas.