…That there’s trouble brewing in The Hills.

First there was all that freaking out in the quiet Hollywood neighborhood where The Hills‘ resident “fashion designer” Lauren Conrad purchased a $2,360,000 Spanish style house in early 2008. Some of Miss Conrad’s neighbors were all kinds of pissed about the marauding paps busting up their bushes, fervid fans standing around gawking and tour buses trolling up and down the narrow residential street. And who could blame them? The din became so deafening that the usually very upright Los Angeles Times saw fit to write an entire article about the reality television brouhaha.

Now we hear from a gabby gal named Veronica Vociferous that many of her neighbors in L.A.’s Hollwood Dell neighborhood are all upset and atwitter over MTV’s plans to film episodes of The Hills at the Bryn Mawr Drive house that The Hills’ dark haired drama queen Audrina Patridge recently scooped up for a $1,290,000.

The Hollywood Dell Civic Association recently sent a letter of protest to neighborhood residents, a copy of which we received from Miz Vociferous. The letter asks residents to contact the Film LA Community Director and some Sargent at the LAPD to register their displeasure, concern and complaint about their fear of film crews clotting up the narrow and twisting roads that wind through the usually very quiet neighborhood, not to mention the ensuing meelee of picture snapping paparazzi and breathless fans who think standing outside a famous person’s house is anything but outrageously stoopid.

Could it be that all those whining and bickering gurls on The Hills have finally had their fifteen minutes? Jeezis, Mary and Joseph we sure hope so.