Last April Your Mama discussed a little known Russian billionaire named Valery Kogan and his wifey Olga who pissed off their nabob neighbors in notoriously staid Greenwich, CT when they submitted plans to demolish the 19,096 square foot house (or 19,250 depending on the source) they purchased in 2005 for $18,500,000 (shown above) and replace it with a 27,000+ square foot hotel sized mega-mansion that was reportedly to include Turkish and Finnish bathing facilities, a dog grooming salon, a home gymnasium with locker room facilities, a theater, wine cellar, staff quarters (natch), underground garages, 8 bedrooms and a bewildering 26 terlits.

Their original request was, not unexpectedly, deenied.

But the intrepid Russian billionaires did not give up their dream of a ridiculously large residence in the good ol‘ U.S. of A. and according to the Greenwich Time newspaper (via City File) the couple recently resubmitted plans and requests for a slightly less Brobdingnagian crib.

The new and allegedly improved plans call for a still mammoth mansion measuring 21,127 square feet with 15 terlits. No date has been set for the planning and zoning commission to review the new and slightly more modest plans, but if Your Mama was the betting type, and we are not, we’d wager our long boded bitches Linda and Beverly that these Kogan people are going to have to do a bit more shrinking and reducing before they’re going to get their approvals.