Is Tori Spelling on the move again? Well children, according to Celebrity real estate gossip Ann Brenoff at Los Angeles Times, she is. Or soon will be. Apparently Miss Spelling and her ack-tor huzband Dean McDermott have listed the Westwood crib they purchased just eight months ago. A quick peruse through the MLS didn’t turn up a listing for the property, so for now we’ll just have to take Miz Brenoff’s word for it.

According to prop records, in February of 2008 the couple closed on a modest house on well manicured Thayer Avenue where they proceeded to film their utterly banal reality program Home Sweet Hollywood. Don’t get Your Mama wrong puppies, we love us some Tori Spelling almost as much as we love an Abazaba before bed. We were mad for her as the virginal dyslexic Donna Martin on the original Beverly Hills 90210 and we swooned with dee-light over her savagely high-larious 10 episode tour-de-force So NoTORIous. But these reality programs she does now? Uhm, not so much.

Anyhoo, records show the couple paid $2,275,000 for the 5 bedroom and 3.5 bathroom house with a sweet solar heated saltwater swimming pool in the backyard. Miz Brenoff is reporting that the house is listed at $2,395,000 and again, we’ll just have to take their word for it.

Wherever the Mister and Missus Tori Spelling may be moving, we wish them all the best. Just please tell us they won’t be filming another one of those reedonkulous reality programs.