Back in early December, Your Mama piggy backed on the gurls at Newsday who reported on the rumor that long time Hamptons summer resident Steven Spielberg was snapping up some prime Georgica Pond real estate a few doors down from his sprawling Gwathmey Siegel designed compound on Apaquogue Road in East Hampton.

Now the Newsday gurls are reporting that the sale for the 3.3 acre pond front property with it’s fixer 4,500 square foot house has closed for a “bit less than the asking price” of $19,950,000. The property was purchased through a trust and apparently no one wants to publicly profess that it was indeed purchased by the prolific director, but Newsday’s sources say the transaction was handled by an attorney well known for dealing with Mister Spielberg’s real estate doings.

There is also considerable whispering that the bearded and bespectacled Mister Spielberg is also negotiating to drop a big wad of cash on the property next door to his current compound which happens to sit right in between his modern compound and the old school shingled cottage he reportedly just bought. It would make sense, right? However, the gurls at Newsday rung up the owner of said property, a Miz Janet Ross, widow of philanthropist Arthur Ross, who denied the gossip saying, “It’s a very mixed-up rumor. No, my property is not for sale.”

But Your Mama can’t fathom that the filthy rich film mogul has not at least approached Miz Ross and presented her with an armload of money. It just makes sense that he’d want that entire stretch posh pond front property. Only time will tell kids, and it seems that the gurls at Newsday are likely to get that particular scoop.

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