Last night Your Mama received a lovely communication from a nice young man we’ll call Mister Happypants who was generous and kind enough to send over some paperwork that clearly shows that former Housewives of Orange County stud muffin Slade Smiley’s Coto de Caza house is indeed sliding into foreclosure, if it hasn’t already.

According to a Notice of Trustees Sale (dated August 28th, 2007) that was provided to Your Mama by Mister Happypants, Mister Smiley owes $1,408,662 and seven damn cents on his uglee ass house with a criminal amount of white carpeting. The N.T.S. also indicates that the house was to be sold at auction on September 27, 2007. Property records do not reveal a sale at that time, so Your Mama does not know if Mister Smiley managed to hold off the sale or if a sale is simply not yet reflected in public records.

However, you’ll recall that the house was last listed at $1,290,000, less that what Mister Smiley owed on the property, which might explain why Mister Smiley’s shit was all piled up in Vicki Gunvalson’s real estate mistake in last week’s titillating and exciting episode.

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Now puppies, Your Mama does not want to pour any fuel onto Mister Smiley’s financial fire, but it does seem a wee bit strange and sad that a man rich (and foolish) enough to buy his not very intelligent appearing gurlfriend a e-class Mercedes finds himself in such a monetary pickle. Or did he lease it? Uh oh. That would leave poor Jo in need of another male benefactor to buy (or lease) her a luxury automobile.

Anyhoo, Celebrity real estate maven Miz Ruth Ryon at the the LA Times recently reported that Mister Smiley purchased a condo at the Eastern Columbia loft building in downtown Los Angeles. Your Mama poured over the available E.C. deed documents with a fine tooth comb, and we failed to come up with a paper trail for a purchase by Mister Smiley.

And, of course, we wonder how a man headed into foreclosure, a man who can not even afford to store his belongings, could possibly afford a six or seven hundred thousand dollar condominium. Anyone? Your Mama speculates (we speculate kids, we know NOTHING) that IF the rumored to be impoverished Mister Smiley is indeed living at the Eastern Columbia, it might just be thanks to the good graces of a ladee friend with large plastic boobies and a fat wallet.

Now why isn’t this imbroglio being captured on The Housewives of Orange County, because puppies, this is reality.