We’re a little late to the rodeo on this one having been reported ages ago by celebrity real estate writer Ann Brenoff at the L.A. Times, but since this was one of the first properties Your Mama ever discussed on our little online endeavor, we thought we’d chime in with a wee update on the house that entertainment television talking head Leeza Gibbons and her estranged huzband Stephen Meadows have been trying to sell for a damn ice age.

The couple, who apparently went splitsville several years ago, first put the house on the market in August of 2005 with an asking price of $8,750,000. No (serious) buyers turned up at that price, which is a little odd whe you consider that was back when people were still buying up high priced properties like they were playing a game of Monopoly. Your Mama first discussed the 7 bedroom and 8 bathroom two-building compound on Courtney Avenue in December of 2006 when it was foisted back on the market with a reduced asking price of $7,995,000. After just a couple short months, a tipster we called Lucy Looselips whispered in Your Mama’s big ear that the house had been sold…or at least been put into escrow…with a purchase price of $7,750,000.

But alas. Unfortunately for Miz Leeza and Mister Meadows, that buyer (and we hear at least one other) did not pan out. Now, the now longer a couple couple are making another go of it…not their marriage children, but selling their white elephant of a estate which listing information indicates includes three floors and approximately 11,000 square feet of vintage Mediterranean mansion with a two story guest house/studio that was built in 2000. The estate is now priced at $7,395,000.

According to listing information, the 1+ acre property was apparently once owned by maniacal mommie and hugely talented Academy Award winning actress Joan Crawford so we’re is a little soo-prised some filthy rich queen with a wickedly campy sense of humor hasn’t already come along and snatched this place right up.