Thanks to Eagle Eyes Earnest, Your Mama has learned the booze baron Edgar Bronfman Jr. is flipping the 10-room Fifth Avenue co-operative apartment property records show he closed on at the end of January 2008 for the full ask price of $19,500,000. The children will recall that Your Mama discussed Mister Bronfman’s purchase back in August of 2007. Apparently Mister Bronfman has changed his mind about moving into Jackie-O’s old building because the full floor unit with heart stopping views over Central Park has popped back up on the market with an asking price of $24,000,000. No idea why Mister Bronfman opted not to move his family into the 5 bedroom and 5.5 bathroom unit that features three fireplaces and a large staff suite/play room. Maybe he simply wants to make a few million easy bucks?

In other news about the uber dee-luxe and delishusly dee-vine 1040 Fifth Avenue, property records also show that hedge fund honcho Scott Bommer and wifey Donya sold their 10-room, full floor co-op for a spine tingling $21,000,000 to Jeff Blau, the obviously well paid president of The Related Companies, a prolific developer of New York City real estate. The children will again recall that Your Mama discussed the 14th floor Bommer/Blau unit back in early December, 2007.

Mister Blau’s $21,000,000 purchase looks like child’s play compared to the Bommer’s new digs up the Avenue at 1060 Fifth Avenue (scroll down) where property records now reveal the young, socially connected and philanthropically minded couple coughed up a cajones kicking $46,000,000 for the two floor penthouse that includes 17 rooms, 7 bedrooms, 2 libraries, two kitchens, 4 wood burning fireplaces and a staggering 114.5 foot long terrace hanging over Central Park.

Oh lawhd children, between the Super Tuesday jitters and the unfathomably huge purchase prices discussed above, Your Mama is headed to the booze cabinet to mix a big pitcher of gin and tonics and swallow a wee Xanax to settle our frazzled nerves and get us through the rest of the day. We suggest you do the same.