Looks like Tobey Maguire and his wifey Jennifer Meyer are indeed planning to spin a web for their little family in Brentwood. Your Mama knew the actor and the jewelry designer were looking for a place to live in Brentwood, which we mentioned earlier this week in our discussion about the purdy Brentwood digs that chat king Conan O’Brien recently purchased. However, little did we know the young couple had already plunked down a wallet full of cash for a vacant .93 acre lot on N. Carmelina in the flats just above Sunset Boulevard.

There’s little we can add that wasn’t already well covered by Mister Big Time in his big reveal about the Maguire/Meyer purchase. So rather than try to be witty, clever or even thorough, Your Mama will sign out so we can get ourselves properly put together for a dinner party honoring our boozy, foul mouthed, and often nekkid friend Falsetta Knockers and her sharply talented and somewhat well known novelist huzband.