Okay children, we have been getting all sorts of emails, phone calls and communiques from people linking us over to report after report (including one on CNN) that say Republican presidential hopeful John McCain and his heiress wifey Cindy are selling their 15,000 square foot house in Phoenix, Arizona.

They are not.

The 13 bedroom and 14.5 bathroom house that is everyone is all atwitter and agog about is the house where Senator and Mrs. McCain once lived and raised their family, but they have not owned or lived on the property since late 2006.

We don’t want to slam CNN (a major news network on which Your Mama has appeared) or the fine political people at Wonkette, but listing information for the property auction and a report in the Phoenix New Times clearly states that it’s the former home of John McCain.

Did you hear that children? The FORMER home of Senator John McCain.

Furthermore, property records show that Senator and Mrs. McCain sold the house in December of 2006 for $3,200,000 to a real estate developer named Jane Popple who overhauled the resort like property and is now attempting to flip it at an auction scheduled for October 25, 2008.

So where do the fabulously rich McCains live? As has been widely publicized, they own and occupy half a dozen homes or more, just not this one.