Dead on gossip king Roger Friedman, who writes the Fox 411 column Fox News, is once again slinging fascinating real estate dirt about Michael Jackson and his once beloved, now shuttered and forlorn Neverland Ranch.

If something does not happen quick, and Your Mama means really quick, the storied and infamous Neverland Ranch will slip into foreclosure next week. According to Mister Friedman, there are in fact efforts underway to refinance the $23,000,000 loan that was secured against the 2,700 acre (Friedman says 2,900 acre) property. However, no lender seems to want that hot potato and no person or entity has yet stepped up to give the wacky singer turned tabloid freak show a financial assist.

Mister Friedman also reports that cash poor Mister Jackson and his three kiddies are currently cloistered in the Palms Hotel as non-paying guests of the Maloof brothers, who of course own the hotel. Your Mama aches to know if the Maloofs have also generously provided a room for Mister Jackson’s always entertaining spokesperson Raymone Bain. We worry about the fate of this krazy talking ladee if and when Mister Jackson’s financial house of cards finally crumbles.

Stay tuned kids, because it’s looking more and more like Neverland Ranch will be sold at auction marking the end of a long and drawn out nightmare for Mister Jackson. Perhaps it’s what’s needed to right his boat. Ever the optimist are we today.