BUYER: Richie Sambora
LOCATION: 2 Liberty Place, Philadelphia, PA
PRICE: $3,580,000
SIZE: 2,600 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Listen children, we know we’re a little late to the publicity rodeo ring on this one, but we’re gonna discuss it anyway. According to piles of reports, rehabbed Bon Jovi gee-tarist and gossip glossy favorite Richie Sambora dropped a record breaking amount of money for a sky-high condominium in downtown Philadelphia.

Philadelphia? For reals? Ain’t a thing wrong with Philadelphia children, but it’s just not a city we expect an L.A.-based rock star with an L.A.-based gurlfriend to be snatching up a high priced condo.

Your Mama really has no idea why the aging rock star, a native New Jersian who reportedly also owns homes in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach, would spend three and some million clams on an apartment in Philadelphia. Maybe he’s got a thing for American history? Or maybe he has a burning desire to be near Pat’s King of Steaks where he can eat all the cheese covered meat his heartburn can handle? Or maybe, just maybe, he figures that Philly is a very long way away from his anxiety prone ex-wifey Heather Locklear and his publicity hungry former luvergurl Denise Richards? Could be. But the truth is Your Mama don’t know nuthin‘ from nuthin about Mister Sambora’s real estate motivations children, so don’t anybody quote us on our nonsensical brain farting.

Anyhoo, Mister Sambora’s new crib in the clouds high above The City of Brotherly Love, for which he paid a reported $3,580,000, is said to be on the 52 floor of the unimaginatively named The Residences at Two Liberty Place. According to the building’s website Mister Sambora’s three bedroom and 3.5 bathroom unit measures in at 2,600 square feet and encompasses two glassy corners of the pointy Helmut Jahn designed mixed use tower which has the not entirely impressive distinction of being the third tallest skyscraper in all of Philadelphia.

The floor plan shows that Mister Sambora will lay claim to a corner living/dining room, a well equipped kitchen and a small, windowless office space where his personal assistant can toil away without being seen or heard. Given the windowless location directly across from the windowless kitchen, Your Mama sincerely hopes that Mister Sambora’s dinner guests will refrain from making messy post-dinner B.Ms in the powder room. Each of the bedrooms includes a private pooper and a reasonable amount of closet space, both deelishus details. However, the bedrooms share long walls which for obvious reasons Your Mama hopes have been sound proofed.

The children will please keep in mind that the photos here depict model units and not the chosen day-core of Mister Sambora. Although we suspect (and hope) that Mister Sambora is not the bulky black leather sofa type of man, we don’t imagine he’s planning on having his nice gay decorator do up his new nest in a palette of hot pink and black. We only included these pictures to give y’all and idea of the generous window sizes that provide glittery if vertigo inducing views over Philadelphia.

While in residence, Mister Sambora will have access to the building’s long list of amenities which include white glove staff service, concierge, a private heath club with exercise equipment, spa treatment rooms and an indoor swimming pool, an owners club where residents can hobnob with other residents while sipping sherry and reading the paper, a card room for all the folks like Your Mama that swoon over a cribbage board, refrigerated storage for grocery deliveries, a bizness center, a pet care center, a private mail room as well as room service from and preferred seating in the 37th floor restaurant.

That’s right children, really rich rock stars with frizzy hair don’ts like to be pampered just like all the other fancy folks out there.