1. Your Mama is allowed to take a few days off–it was a national holiday after all–and quite frankly we’re tired of listening to some of you children whine about it. Try giving Your Mama a fucking break once in a while without turning into a sniveling six year old.

2. We have just uprooted our family and moved across the country, a laborious and emotionally draining process during which some of you children seem to think we having nothing else to do but write this damn blog. Pleeze! We are doing the best we can and if that ain’t good enough for some of you, well, that’s just too damn bad.

3. We believe in the power and freedom of speech and as most of the children well know, Your Mama is LOATHE to get involved in moderating and censoring the comments section. However, we have noted with disappointment and deep displeasure that lately there are a few rogue elements that seem to delight in spouting all manner of racist nonsense. We can not and will not tolerate that shit any longer. If you don’t have anything fruitful or interesting to say about celebrity real estate and all you wanna do is spew your racist bullshit, please find another blog to infect with your unfortunate point of view. Don’t like it? Well, again, that’s just too damn bad.