Everyone knows all about and probably too damn much about the troubled Hulk Hogan family. They got one daughter who makes a “career” singing in malls across America and strutting red carpets wearing trashy and tawdry outfits that barely cover her naughty bits. They’ve got that teenage son who acts too big for his d-list britches and recently wrapped his car around a palm tree in Miami and nearly killed his passenger friend. Then of course there is the pending deevorce of Mama and Papa Hogan. Honestly kids, Your Mama does not know any details of their deevorce and you know what? We don’t really care to know.

What we do know is that not long after the Hogan family sold their Miami Beach house to action film director and producer Michael Bay for just under its asking price of $18,900,000 and shortly after leaked deevorce documents revealed the Hogans were splitting, Mrs. Linda Bollea (that’s Mrs. Hogan to wrestling fans) packed her Louis Vuitton cases and work out bags and headed to Los Angeles where she rented a house on Hilts Avenue in Little Holmby Hills. According to property records, the house measures 3,552 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

A well connected source informs Your Mama that the house was listed for lease at $18,000 per month, but we have no way of confirming the exact amount that was paid to the non-celeb landlord.

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Now kids, don’t even think of rolling by this house like some stoopid looky loo star fucker because we’re quite certain that if Mister Hulk Hogan is around he’d sooner kick your ass as have you poking around in the bushes. And if he don’t get on you, then we suspect that kinda butch looking Brooke might be able to give most of you nuts a serious beat down. Besides, our source tells us that the soon to be ex Mrs. Hulk Hogan has already moved on.