Thanks to Candy Canuck, we were linked over to a recent and brief article in the Montreal Gazette which reports Oscar winning actress Halle Berry and her Canadian-born male model baby daddy Gabriel Aubry have recently purchased property in St. Hippolyte, Quebec. According to the wee article, Miss Berry’s French Canadian hideaway home cost a million smackers (Canadian, we presume) and sits on 63 acres overlooking Molson Lake.

Naturally we took to the internets to see if we could sort out some of the details and, curiously, the only Molson Lake we could locate is in the province of Manitoba, which is nowhere near sleepy St. Hippolyte which sits in the northern reaches of the province of Quebec.

Now children, we freely confess to not knowing shit from shinola about rural Canadian geography, but can someone who does please help us out here? Are St. Hippolyte and Molson Lake actually anywhere near each other?

Whatever the Canadian case, as far as we know, when in Tinseltown Miss Berry, her new baby and her good looking baby daddy all bed down in the N. Doheny Drive compound she bought from former child actor turned racecar driver Frankie Muniz in July of 2005.