A quick spin through hot bodied Aussie actor Hugh Jackman’s long IMDB resume and we realize that we’ve never seen a single movie that featured his bulging biceps, thick thighs or acting prowess. In fact, for better or worse, Your Mama has not even heard of most of the films in which he has appeared.

Our admitedly lackluster research indicates that he of the eye popping nipples and six-pack stomach has appeared in a large number of Van Helsing and X-Men movies (not to mention a Broadway play or two), which explains why we’ve never seen them. Not only do we not care for the action-adventure genre of which he seems to be king of the heap and contrary to popular opinion we’re not much of a theater queen either.

Anyhoo, according to the New York Observer’s celebrity real estate boy wonder Max Abelson, Mister Jackson and his sexily squinted eyes are in contract to purchase a tremendous triplex in one of Richard Meier’s gorgeous (but over rated) green glass buildings that overlooks the Hudson River on New York City’s West Side Highway.

Spreading over three full floors, the unusually large unit is owned by Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy who first put the 11,000 square foot unit on the market in November of 2007 with a blistering asking price of $40,000,000. The price was later reduced to a still staggering $33,000,000 and young Mister Abelson reports that his sources tell him the unit is in contract for something over $25,000,000. A lot of moolah to be sure, but nowhere near the forty mil Mister Microsystems originally wanted.

Mister Abelson’s sources say the deal is a bit shaky, but if Mister Jackson does indeed consumate he’ll be the proud owner of three floors of over-the-top minimalist fabulousness that features five bedrooms–including the full floor 51-foot wide master bedroom with custom fitted closets, exercise room, sauna and a party sized shower, three terraces, 5 full and 2 half bathrooms, a 51-foot long living room, a 54-foot long dining room, a 51-foot long recreation room and more closets than we can be bothered to count, a storage situation we’re sure both Mister and Mrs. Jackman will appreciate.

Not that it’s any of Your Mama’s snarky beez-wax, but who knew Mister Jackman had this much damn money?