OWNER: Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford
LOCATION: Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA
PRICE: $22,500/month
SIZE: 2,413 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Furnished beach front rental. Panoramic ocean views from this impeccable beach house located on a sandy beach just north of Broad Beach. Gated private street–perfect beach retreat. Office could be fourth bedroom.

DESCRIPTION: Thanks to the always helpful hand of Our Fairy Godmother in Bel Air, Your Mama has learned that moletastic moe-dell Cindy Crawford and her nightclub impresario huzband Rande Gerber, himself a former male mannequin, don’t you know, are looking to lease an ocean front property they own in Malee-boo.

While most children will never get to frolic and freak with a nearly six foot tall woman who’s blessed with the face of an angel and the bahdee of a porn hussy, but some reasonably deep pockets might help soothe a shriveled ego by coughing up considerable coinage to live in an ocean front house owned by a walking talking slice of American good looks and the picture of American capitalism at its finest. Where else can a gurl from Dekalb make bazillions of bucks just by allowing famous photogs to take pictures of her? Ah, America.

Anyhoo, listing information for the Crawford/Gerbers 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom house indicates that the comely couple are totally flex on lease terms (month to month, short term, long term, 1+ years all okay). They are asking $22,500 per month (furnished) for a long term lease and $35,000 per month (furnished) for a short term lease. All things considered, these prices are not that crazy compared to some of the many wildy high priced rental pads in the Boo. So grab your checkbooks and haul ass to Malee-boo to scoop this place up, because if you’re rich and in the market for a rental in Malee-boo, it’s practically a bargain.

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Property records reveal that Mister Good Lookin‘ Gerber purchased the property back in April of 1998 for $1,850,000, right about the time that he and his cover gurl/Playboy poser became legally hitched. While the house sits cheek by jowl with a couple other ocean front houses, it is accessed down a gated and private street off the Pacific Coast Highway that ensures renting famous folks that looky loos and paps won’t have an easy time watching them unload groceries or sunbathe topless (and/or bottomless) on the back deck.

If we’re being critical, we’d say Mister and Missus Former Models need to ring up one of their nice gay decorator friends to do this place over proper. But realistically, it’s set up just about the way Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter might set up a beach rental…stuffed full of odds, ends, and mixed and matched items we don’t actually want in our own residence and don’t care if they get ruined. Why provide the renters nice decor their party posse can vomit all over, allow their cats to claw or their loud children to put their scungee feet all over?

Although Your Mama isn’t sure if Mister and Missus I’m Better Looking Than All of You ever lived in this house or not, but we do know that this property is definitely not the Malee-boo getaway the Mister and Missus Gerber currently occupy. Oh no puppies, when the super rich super model, her bizness man husband and their couple of loud children head north on the congested Pacific Coast Highway to their sandy hideaway, they park their fancy whips here:
Uh, yeah. Can you believe that shit? That’s four damn mini houses that make up the Crawford/Gerber compound, which sits a few miles up the PCH from the available rental. Don’t let anyone tell you that looking good won’t get you nothing but a heartache and too much attention from pervy men, because they’re lying and they’re probably just bitter and uglee people. So all you bitches who wannabe America’s Next Top Model, well, lookee what real estate pornography cold be in your skinny ass future if you make it big on the catwalk and marry a man who makes butt loads of money.

Lower photo: Pacific Coast News