According to multiple reports from around the world, Hollywood’s most peripatetic pair and their half dozen multi-culti kids (along with their large retinue of security guards, nannies, tutors and assistants) have recently decamped from the Chateau Miraval, their most recent rented home in the south of France, for a schloss outside of Berlin called the Palais Parkschloss.

Most reports say the Brangelina brood’s new and temporary home sits on the shores of Wannsee lake on the outskirts of Berlin and includes a large house, a private helicopter landing pad perfect for getting Miz Jolie to the local 7-11 and back in relative safety, a private dock and a staff that reportedly includes 14 body guards, personal chefs and nannies. Nothing like the simple life.

If the Palais Parkschloss sounds familiar it might because it’s the same high security compound that wacky Tom Cruise fellow was reported to have leased while in Germany filming whatever Mission Impossible movie was filmed in 2004. Your Mama will not waste money watching Tom Cruise movies so we don’t have any idea if that was Mission Impossible 1, 2 or 3 and frankly we do not care. Apparently action film actor Steven Seagal also once rented (and caused damage to) the Palais Parkschloss. Steven Seagal? Whoop. De. Do.

Your Mama wonders if the paparazzi hounded family will ever return to the United States where they own a compound in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, an tennis court estate on the bluffs of Malee-boo, a big ol’ house in New Orleans and a fa-boo ocean front compound near Santa Barbara, CA. They might have a few other places, but that’s all our gin soaked mind can remember this early in the morning.

Photo: from Bild