RENTER: Anne Hathaway and Raffaelo Follieri
LOCATION: Broadway, New York, NY
PRICE: $30-35,000 per month
SIZE: 4,120 square feet, 3-4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: …A private elevator opens a sensational entertaining area with an enormous open kitchen and huge windows facing east that flood the loft with light. Unlike most lofts on Broadway, protected north facing side windows allow up to four windowed bedrooms. Currently set up as a grand Master Suite, with a glamorous spa-style bathroom and two and one half additional bedrooms and bathrooms, the finishes and fixtures throughout this home are3 of the very highest standard…

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Earlier this week New York Magazine reported that squeaky clean actress Anne Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada, Becoming Jane) is shopping for a New York City love nest in which she can shack up in sin with her real estate developer man friend Raffaelo Follieri. With that salacious tidbit all you right wing Christian types will probably protest and boycott Miss Hathaway’s upcoming film project Get Smart, but Your Mama takes a more practical view on these sorts of situations. Your Mama believes in shopping before buying, okay? So we got no issue whatsoever with Miss Unmarried Thing living up in the same apartment with her beau.

A source told celebrity real estate scribe S. Jhoanna Robledo at NY Magazine that Miss Hathaway, her good looking paramour and his body guard toured a large SoHo loft on Broadway with 4 bedrooms and $30,000+ per month price tag. So being the nosy little monster we are, Your Mama went a-searchin‘ for SoHo loft spaces that match the description in the article.

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And guess what kids? There was only one apartment located on Broadway between Spring and Broome with an asking price over $30,000 and it’s the one pictured above. Now babies, Your Mama does not know Miss Hathaway or any of her people so we can not confirm this is in fact the place the lovebirds looked at, but 1 and 1 and 1 do make three, right?

Interestingly, the listing is marked “in contract,” so perhaps the the lovebirds signed a lease on the glammy 4,120 square foot space? Since the decor is not that of Miss Hathaway or her flashy Follieri friend, a man who apparently thinks he’s famous enough to require a bodyguard, Your Mama won’t discuss the dangerous looking dining room table, the deep disappointment at finding a pool table up in this place, or how we would rather sleep IN the bathtub than have one sitting right up next to the bed.

However, as long narrow lofts go, this one is not so bad. Due to the rare side windows, the architect has managed to squeeze in two (can be three) secondary bedrooms that have actual windows. We appreciate that elevator has been configured to provide a de facto entrance hall rather than opening up directly into the living room…a set up Your Mama loathes…and we’re feeling pretty good about the bathroom lay outs.

What Your Mama can not sort out in our gin soaked mind is why a big celebrity type like Miss Hathaway would even consider living on that block of Broadway. Yes, SoHo used to be filled with artist types milling around and living in massive lofts, but nowadays it’s just a big outdoor mall where tourists of all stripes schlep their sweat suited selves up and down the street from Banana Republic to H&M to the damn Pottery Barn. Also, those freaky red double-decker tour buses glide right down Broadway, and we’re quite sure Miss Hathaway does not need a bunch of Midwesterners with cameras peering in the windows of her loft while she and her Italian man friend do the unmarried dirty on the pool table.

Anyhoo, only time will tell if Miss Hathaway and Mister Follieri will make house in this loft or some other high priced SoHo set up. Wherever they land, Your Mama wishes the happily not married couple all kinds of unwedded bliss, and we sincerely hope Mister Follieri‘s nasty name calling bizness with billionaire supermarket mogul Ron Burkle has been squared away.