Your Mama is frequently asked about the current 411 on much maligned, publicly pilloried and indicted on multiple counts real estate agents Joe Babajian and Kyle Grasso. But you know what children? We don’t know nuthin‘. Well almost nothing anyway.

What we do know is that property records reveal that in March of 2008 ol‘ Joe-babs sold his personal residence on Carla Ridge in the Trousdale Estates for $6,510,000 and he appears to have finally sold another more modest property he owned on Warner Avenue in the Little Holmby section of Los Angeles that was last on the market for $1,695,000, reduced from its original asking price of $1,995,000.

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times reported that the former Realtors to the rich and famous who, natch, both pleaded not guilty to the salacious charges of fraud and money laundering, continue to await their as yet unscheduled trials.

Some of the swanky real estate agents with whom Your Mama chit chats and gossips think the charges are trumped up and the pair will be exonerated. Other scuttlebutters we whisper with think the once super successful pair are white collar crooks who got caught with their greedy hands in the cookie jar and are headed to the big house.

High Tech titan Halsey Minor has some real estate woes. Or at least that what we hear. Not only is he still trying to unload a broken down modern monstrosity in Bel Air for many millions less than he paid, he’s also got folks in the better neighborhoods of San Francisco whispering and reporting.

Not only does Mister Minor own a huge house in Sea Cliff, San Francisco’s undisputed celebrity ghetto, he also owns the massive mansion on Washington Street known as Le Petit Trianon that he picked up in July of 2007. According to the swells at SFLuxe, Mister Minor is planning on spending $15,000,000 to renovate the 17,895 square foot behemoth and has hired Santa Monica based deeziner Michael S. Smith to work his decorator magic.

One of Your Mama’s sources, a Presidio Heights princess whom we’ll call Frisco Fannie, tells us that she wishes Mister Minor would get on the stick because the lavish (and somewhat garish) house, “has fallen into disrepair, the yard is overgrown and nobody has lived in it for at least two years… sad.”

Did the first showings of the $24,000,000 Goldwyn mansion not go so well? Your Mama hears from Our Fairy Godmother in Beverly Hills that the 6 bedroom and 5 bathroom historical sprawler was taken off the market after only just a few days in order to have “a little work done” on the old gurl. Given that any new owner is likely to dump bazillions on upscale upgrades and high-fallutin‘ overhauls, it seem a little odd the Mister Goldwyn would feel compelled to fix the place up. But then again, who are we to understand the real estate machinations of really rich Tinseltown titans?

Despite its slightly off putting smack you in the kisser “I’m way richer than you are” opulence, there still seems to be considerable interest by the children in the buying and selling of the lavish and leviathan properties in Beverly Park. Well, on that note…

In addition to the unfinished 27,000 square foot gigantor that was recently scooped up for $36,700,000 by contractor Robert Tutor, as far as Your Mama knows there are 5 other properties currently up for sale in the glitzy guard gated community. There may be more, but five is all we currently know about (in order of descending asking price).

The asking price of the newly built and never lived in faux-chateau at Number 40 was recently ka-rah-tay chopped from forty-five million clams to a still staggering $39,900,000; The property known as the Great 78 located at, you guessed it, Number 78, has been up for grabs with no takers for quite some time and currently carries an asking price of $34,000,000; Next door to wrinkled rock star Rod Stewart’s mega-mansion is Indonesian biznessman Han Moeljadi’s mammoth manse at Number 27 which has been on the market for-freaking-e-vah with an asking price of $29,000,000 (reduced from its original asking price of $35,000,000); Number 14, a cosmetic fixer last listed at $23,000,000 and owned by media mogul Michael Solomon and his one-time Bond bombshell wifey Luciana Paluzzi, recently went to contract; And super producer Mike Medavoy and his Botox battling wifey Irena are so eager enough to sell their 6 bedroom and 10 terlit Hamptons-style habitat that they recently gave the asking price of their property a two million dollar hair cut from $23,500,000 to $21,500,000.

Back in August of 2007, letter turner Vanna White’s ex-huzband George Santo Pietro had speck-built Number 77 on the market with a faint worthy $50,000,000. It was widely whispered, rumored and reported that the diminutive Prince signed a short term lease of the 9 bedroom and 15 bathroom behemoth for an eye popping $200,000 per month. Property records show the property has not transferred ownership recently, but to be honest, we’re not sure of the status of this (approx.) 27,000 square foot palace of excess.

And, drum roll please, Your Mama hears (but can not yet confirm) that another Beverly Park estate is quietly on the market, and this one belongs to one of the rich and famous folks who reside in this community of hotel sized houses.