SELLER: Alexander “A-Rod” Rodriguez
LOCATION: Park Avenue, New York, NY
PRICE: $14,000,000 (list); $9,900,000 (sale)
SIZE: 4,600 square feet (approx.), 4 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: The Ultimate Trophy! Turn-Key – Triple Mint Renovation.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: When married celebrities go splitsville the deevorce often results in their high priced homes being sold off so the assets can be divided. The scandalous and public parting of lavishly compensated New York Yankees third baseman Alexander “A-Rod” Rodriquez and his ex-wifey Cynthia is just one example. Amid continuing rumors and reports of A-Rod hooking up with Madonna the Material Mommy, not only have the one time happy couple and parents of three put their Coral Gables waterfront estate on the market with a $14,876,000 asking price, thanks to a very well connected New York tipster we’ll call Mister Greenjeans, we’ve learned that the Park Avenue digs of the recently deevorced duo has also popped up on the market with an asking price of $14,000,000.

A-Rod and the ex-Missus scooped up their approximately 4,600 square foot condo at the Trump Park Avenue building in July of 2005 for a reported $7,400,000. The records Your Mama accessed support that purchase price. The Trump Park Avenue is the same utterly banal Costas Kondylis designed apartment tower where records show billionaire drug distributor Stewart Rahr owns a 30th floor unit, the deevoon Ivanka Trump shacks up in a surprisingly modest apartment on the sixth floor and where Big Daddy Donald Trump has the 4 bedroom and 6.5 bathroom penthouse listed at a silly-stoopid asking price of $51,000,000, up from the forty-five million he was originally asking for the three terrace dooplex white elephant.

Anyhoo, listing information and a look-see at the Rodriguez floor plan reveals the fourth floor unit includes three principal bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms plus a staff room and bathroom tucked up behind the kitchen and accessed, natch, through the large laundry room.

The long entrance gallery includes a walk in closet and a windowless powder room that looks like a damn murder scene. While the master bedroom has two and the other bedrooms and the library all have their own private poopers, it concerns and worries Your Mama that not a one of them has a window. No. One. Window. Don’t tell me that a few matches and one of those fancy fans in the ceiling can take care of last night’s take out Chinese, because you all know from experience, they can not.

Listing information also indicates the Rodriguez residence underwent a “triple mint renovation” which has resulted in the formal living room did over and done up as a casual family room with beige sofas, a beige run over the parquet floors, blue curtains and a big boob-toob. The original kitchen and formal dining room spaces have been opened up to each other and now include an all white kitchen with a gorgeous refrigerator (which the children will note does have a window), a giant industrial stove and marble counter tops. Pushed up against the work island is a dining area and beyond that a small sitting area. A large butlers pantry includes ship like wood work and a wine refrigerator that will make and the oenophiles smile and Mister Rodriguez’s library has paneled walls and built in shelving for all 12 of his books.

It’s been widely rumored and reported that A-Rod leased an apartment at the Time Warner Center several months ago and without his now ex-wife knowing. Your Mama does not have any idea if there’s a shred of truth to that, but rarely wrong celebrity real estate gossip Braden Keil recently reported that the filthy rich ball player has his eye on a 4 bedroom spread at the much ballyhooed 15 Central Park West building. Although both A-Rod and Madonna’s people deny the rampant rumors of a steamy romance between the two cultural pop icons, 15 CPW happens to be just a few short blocks from the Kabbalah Kween’s New York City crib. Make of that what you will children.
Now that Madge and Mister Guy Ritchie have finally copped to their long whispered about deevorce plans, one has to wonder now what they’ll do with their two-townhouse compound (see above) in the swanky Marylebone district of London where Madge famously installed a very expensive gym where fellow ex-pat gal pal Gwyneth Paltrow is often spotted arriving or departing from what we imagine to be a death defying workout with the freakishly fit 50 year old super star. A local London source we’ll call Great Cumberland Kate informs Your Mama that both of Madonna’s townhouses appear to be undergoing significant renovations…and interesting, expensive and unusual undertaking in the days and months immediately before the couple announced their impending deevorce.

Townhouse Photo: Nataliyaphotographics.com