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BUYER: Ronald Tutor
LOCATION: Beverly Park Circle, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $32,200,000
SIZE: 27,000 square feet (approx.), 9 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The Private Properties people at the Wall Street Journal recently broke the news of a big buy of a behemoth mansion in Los Angeles’ exclusive and insanely expensive Beverly Park community. In case you didn’t already know, this guard gated community, where the smallest houses are well over 10,000 square feet, is where mcmansions go to get super sized.

As was reported by the Wall Street Journal, property records show that the not yet completed estate was scooped up by colossally rich construction tycoon Ronald Tutor for a heart stopping $32,200,000. The mega-manse is being designed by Richard Landry, perhaps Beverly Park’s most prolific architect. The property had been on the market for whopping $49,000,000, which means the sellers, mobile home mogul Lee Kort and his wifey Jill, accepted a number far less than they had hoped for. Is that a sign of the times children, or does the $12,300,000 discount indicate that the tremendous tab for finishing the property will fall on Mister Tutor? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

According to listing information, the faux-Tuscan style sprawler sits on a 3.55 acre shelf overlooking Franklin Canyon and measures in at a hulking 27,000 square feet. The plans call for 9 bedrooms and a breathtaking 18 terlits. We imagine that least one poor gurl will need to have a terlit brush strapped to her hand all damn day, every day to keep all 18 of those poopers pristine.

Other amenities include heavy gates that open to a long curving driveway that Your Mama happens to know has been lined with mature trees that give the property a dramatic entrance, a movie theater, large gym, and a party room. A party room? For real? Pleeze. Can’t the guests congregate and festivate in what we can only imagine is an immense living room?

Also on the property is what listing information calls a “spacious guest house,” which means it’s probably bigger than your entire house, garage parking for at least 6 automobiles, a 75-foot long swimming pool, a pond and waterfall, a tennis court pavilion/pool house (although there isn’t any mention of an actual tennis court), sprawling lawns, and a 110-yard par 3 golf hole which will become an expensive to maintain but useless feature once Mister Tutor masters the damn thing.

Many of the hotel sized houses in Beverly Park are owned by famous folks like Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy (who the Dr. Cooter saw in the grocery store last week looking all shy and smooth faced), Sylvester Stallone, aged rock star Rod Stewart, funny ladee Jami Gertz, six time Emmy nominated actor Paul Reiser (always a bride, never a bridesmaid) and country super stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. And that, children, is only a partial list of the famous residents of Beverly Park.

Some of the other lavish living home owners in Beverly Park include billionaire media mogul Haim Saban, billionaire bizness baron Steve UdvarHázy, porn purveyer Norman Zada and several properties rumored to be owned by the Saudi royal family.