SELLER: Slash and Perla Hudson
LOCATION: Valley Vista Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA
PRICE: $3,750,000 (list); $3,450,000 (sale)
SIZE: 5,980 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Sleek, sexy, sophisticated, private gated estate with infinity ozone pool. Contemporary, Zen design with 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, Crestron system. Beautiful mingling of family feeling and ultra-cool! This gorgeous property provides complete privacy yet gives a 180 degree view of the valley. Truly a trophy property!

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Welcome to the year 2008 children. Onward. Forward. Upward.

Frizzy haired former Guns and Roses guitarist Slash (real name: Saul Hudson and now picking with Velvet Revolver) has been much in the real estate gossip columns lately due to the heavy duty hullabaloo and legal wrangling over the Hollywood Hills house he purchased back in December of 2005 and recently sold at a loss to some dude who is a relief pitcher for the San Diego Padres. But as we first learned a week or two ago from the always resourceful Mister Big Time, that was not the only real estate transaction that Mister Slash and his reportedly soon to be ex-wifey Perla have been involved in of late.

Property records reveal that in March of 2002, back when Slash and Perla still made googly eyes at each other, the couple purchased this Sherman Oaks property for $2,150,000. Back then, they were recently and happily married and getting ready to push out a baby or two, so this 5,980 square foot uber-private property overlooking the San Fernando Valley surely seemed a perfect fit. With 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, it offered plenty of room for the rock star couple, their on-the-way babies and a live in nanny. No puppies, Your Mama does not not if the Slash’s nanny lived with them or even if they had a damn nanny. The point is there was plenty of room for a nanny if they had one. Alright?

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Anyhoo, Mister and Missus Slash have been dealing with deevorce rumors for some time now and given that property records (and Mister Big Time) reveal that they’ve now sold off their San Fernando family nest for $3,450,000, Your Mama expects the rumors to become deafening in the world of people who care about the marriages of hard rocking guitarists. That is unless Slash’s PR flaks announce that they’ll be starting over in a new and more glammy house somewhere else. It’s Hollywood children. It could happen. According to the listing information provided to Your Mama by our Fairy Godmother in Beverly Hills, the house was last listed at $3,750,000 after having been reduced from $3,995,000.

Your Mama confesses that we are frequently somewhat surprised by the private homes of rock stars who have lived notoriously chaotic, boozey, and floozy filled lives. For better or worse we expect them to be haphazardly “decorated” with black leather sofas, displays of Wild Turkey bottles on the mantles and dozens of ashtrays filled with cigarette butts and spittle sitting on stacks of pornographic videos. But au contrare. As is so often case and despite Your Mama’s stereotypical expectations, the Slash house cuts a much more sophisticated, polished and family friendly residential environment than we imagined.

The house is accessed up a long and lovely celebrity style driveway that climbs to the peak of a promontory that provides 180 degree views of the San Fernando Valley. The house appears to be a simple ranch house that was completely re-worked into a warmly contemporary house.

Now, Your Mama already knows that most of you children are going to shred this place to bits, because that’s what you do. But we’re going to go against the grain this morning and say that it is our opinion that this property possesses enough favorable features to make it an pleasing place to shack up. No hunnies, this is not a place Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter would choose to live…we’d never dream of having 7 bedrooms or 7 bathrooms or a Sherman Oaks address…but for a well do Galleria going family with too many damn kids, it’s a sensible and sound option.

Do we think those red suede sofa things in the bedroom should be removed? Yes. Are we concerned that the massive number of candles surrounding the spa tub present a potential fire hazard? Indeed. Do we loathe the credenza in the dining room and does snail looking artwork hanging over the fireplace in the living room give us the heebiejeebies? Yes, of course.

None the less, Your Mama happens to be of the mind that if you crave a private estate in the San Fernando Valley with a large number of bedrooms and you have a few million clams to spend, you could do much, much worse than this place. Your Mama is actually quite fond of the flagstone flooring throughout the living, dining and kitchen areas and we can only hope Mister and Missus Slash had radiant heating installed under that stone floor. The large kitchen offers a good work flow and heaps of counter space for cooking, if cooking is what you desire to do in the kitchen. And while we’d flush the ottoman and choose a different chair entirely, we are swooning over the fitted dressing room that gives way to a small terrace at the front of the house which is perfect for testing the temperature in the morning to determine if you need a sweater or not.

Your Mama might have chosen a big beat up black-waxed farmhouse table with eight white Panton chairs and a pair of gorgeous gold leaf twig chandeliers by Gwen Carlton, however, we adore the shady vine covered terrace even if we fell a bit pukey about the patio furniture. The landscaping is uninspired and the patchy grass looks like it could use a little more attention by the gardeners, but children, even if you think infinity pools have become passe and even if you don’t possess a burning desire to own a long view over the flat lands of the San Fernando Valley, this is a lovely, modestly and manageably scaled back yard that offers the kind of privacy and open sky that most people in urban areas can only dream.

We await word from a well connected source to tell us where Mister Slash, Perla and the children will be moving and also whether they’ll be moving together or separately. Perhaps Slash will truck his bags over to a house high in the hills above Malee-boo and Perla will head over the hill to Beverly Hills where the children can be educated at Crossroads or one of the other better bohemian private schools that dot the Westside of of Los Angeles.

Whatever the case, Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter wish them all a Happy New Year and much peace in 2008. Fracturing families are never funny and we sincerely hope that should Mister and Missus Slash head to deevorce court that they are able to remain civil and graceful for the sake of their babies.