Producer Vin Di Bona, longtime purveyor of ABC’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” has partnered with tech firm Dave Networks to launch a reality TV-centric online venture dubbed Reality.TV.

Startup aims to allow established and aspiring reality TV producers to upload their works onto a social network platform where users will vote on the most popular clips and otherwise rate both pro and user-gen submissions. Plan is to have the website serve as an incubator for ideas that might have potential as traditional TV skeins.

Users will be encouraged to submit clips that adhere to various themes a la the crowdpleasers featured on “Funniest Home Videos”: “Most Embarrassing Moments,” “Pet Cam,” “Cirque du You” and “Practical Jokes and Pranks.”

Reality.TV will be operated through the Hollywood Licensing arm of Vin Di Bona Prods. Dave Networks reps will be on hand at NATPE today to demo the site.

“As a new-media network, the initial launch is on the Internet. Over the next year, as more technology finally facilitates convergence, Reality.TV will be coming soon to the television set, computer or cell phone nearest you,” said Hollywood Licensing co-chairman Tammy Treglia.