TOKYO — Production IG is producing a feature toon based on the exploits of real-life swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.

Skedded for an early summer bow, “Miyamoto Musashi: Soken ni haseru yume” (Musashi Miyamoto: Dream of Riding With Two Swords) is being developed and scripted by anime auteur Mamoru Oshii, whose latest toon “The Sky Crawlers” screened in competition at Venice this year.

The helmer is Mizuho Nishikubo, who was animation director on several Oshii projects and the toon sequence used in Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill: Volume 1.” 

Musashi (1584-1645) was famed for his two-sword style, as well as his life-or-death duels.

He has been the subject of films, TV shows, comics and novels, including “Musashi” by Eiji Yoshikawa, a monster bestseller that has been translated into English.

Musashi also penned “The Book of Five Rings,” a classic of swordsmanship, strategy and philosophy that has many fans.     

Founded in 1987, Production IG has emerged as a leading producer of feature, TV and straight-to-DVD toons for the Japanese and world market.

Credits include the toons of Oshii (“Ghost in the Shell,” “Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence,” “The Sky Crawlers”) and the cult fave “Evangelion” TV and feature series.