TOKYO — Mobile communications giant SoftBank Mobile has partnered with NTT Data, Hitachi and smart chip maker Gemalto to test Near Field Communication (NFC) technology using pic posters — the first field trial of its type in Japan.

The test, which runs until Oct. 31 at a shopping mall in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, uses chips embedded in posters to beam trailers, stills and other content of the pics “Wall-E” and “Tinker Bell” directly to NFC-installed cellphones.

Fans can also download an access code to view a hi-def trailer of “Wall-E” on NFC-ready Hitachi digital TV sets. 

Japanese pic posters already use such a code, but users first have to scan it in and visit a dedicated website to see trailers. The new NFC technology allows the users to view trailers and other content simply by holding their cellphone near the NFC chip on the poster.