BERLIN — Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution is going digital. 

Company has inked with RTL Group’s Broadcasting Center Europe for digital delivery of programming for RTL in Germany and Netherlands as well as other BCE partners throughout Europe.

Fox is looking to convert its entire distribution operations from tape-based delivery to digital file-based delivery by early 2011 and its joint initiative with BCE is one of the first steps toward that goal.

The studio is in the process of scaling its internal encoding facility to accommodate large-volume digital distribution of its content.

According to Fox, the transition will allow streamlining of the distribution workflow process and achieve reduced distribution costs and faster, more secure delivery of broadcast materials to its clients — all with a reduced environmental carbon footprint.

“This is simply a natural progression for us, our broadcast partners, and our industry,” added John Koscheka, VP servicing, Fox Television Distribution. “Our arrangement with BCE is a perfect example as to how partners can use custom technologies to create an integrated digital supply chain mutually benefiting and complimenting each other’s needs.”

Located in Luxembourg, BCE provides technical services for the TV, radio, telecommunications and IT fields.