PARIS — Dailymotion, the Gallic version of YouTube, has signed an agreement with three unions of French rights holders.

The Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers, representing 45,000 stage and audiovisual authors; Civic Society of Multimedia Authors, covering more than 25,000 photogs, documentarians, writers and graphic artists; and French Collective Administration Organization for the Rights of Authors in the Visual Arts, repping 80,000 graphic authors and artistsall signed on.

Deal will allow rights holders to seek an undisclosed percentage of Dailymotion’s advertising coin for each viewing. The agreement will also benefit the Gallic website, permitting it to show in exclusivity a number of films, documentaries and specials.

Although a similar agreement was inked last August between music site Deezer.com and the Society of French Authors, Composers and Music Editors, Dailymotion will be the first Website to share some of its revenues with audiovisual rights holders.

TF1 is suing Dailymotion, alleging that videos from the network’s website, notably episodes of the series “Heroes,” were illegally posted and seeking 40 million euros ($57 million) in compensation.