‘Clone Wars’ has support system

CGI series will be available next-day on iTunes

“Star Wars” is offering plenty of online support to its new Cartoon Net CGI series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

The show will be available next-day on iTunes starting Saturday. Episodes will also stream on the Cartoon Net and Star Wars websites a week after the seg’s airdate. And on top of that, Lucasfilm is rolling out a free 30-minute behind-the-scenes special on iTunes.

The company also will produce a podcast for the series and a weekly web-comic backing up the “Clone Wars” stories, both of which will be available on the starwars.com website.

“Clone Wars” is Cartoon Net’s highest-profile peg for its Friday evening lineup of boy-centric action-adventure programs, and is set to preem tonight at 9 following new episodes of “The Secret Saturdays.”

Show comes just weeks after the Aug. 15 bow of the “Clone Wars” movie, which used many of the same voice actors and was directed by the TV skein’s supervising director, Dave Filoni. It’s the second version of the Star Wars saga to air on Cartoon, which ran three seasons of “Clone Wars” shorts by “Samurai Jack” animator Genndy Tartakovsky starting in 2003.