Calt creates distribution arm

Division to be headed by Sandrine Frantz

PARIS — Gallic production and sales company Calt is centralizing its activities with the creation of Calt Distribution.

The new division, to be headed by Sandrine Frantz, will combine the functions of Calt Intl. and iCalt — including sales of the shingle’s formats and TV programs worldwide, such as European hit show “Camera Cafe”; the creation of derived products like vidgames; as well as DVD releases.

Calt Distribution will also handle the adaptation and distribution of shows via the Internet and cell phones, in addition to the production of mobile-specific content.

“This restructuring allows for a regrouping of competences and Rolodex,” said Frantz, who formerly led Calt Intl. “And it makes negotiations less cumbersome by having just one interlocutor who handles every aspect of deals simultaneously.”

The Paris-based company is currently producing “Paris 16,” a soap opera about an orphan who lands in Paris’ most exclusive neighborhood after her patents die and struggles to fit in; and Hero Corp, a comedy series about a retired couple of Canadian superheroes who live in a secluded and deserted French village.