BEIJING — China state broadcaster CCTV and media watchdogs are reeling from an Internet clip of the country’s top TV sports anchor being lambasted by his wife and accused of having an affair at a high-profile Olympics press conference.

Speaking in a controlled voice, Hu Ziwei, wife of CCTV 5 sports anchor Zhang Bin and herself a well-known broadcaster, got onto the stage in Beijing and accused her husband of cheating on her.

This was TV dynamite as Zhang, 38, was presiding over the launch of CCTV Sports’ Olympics coverage at the time.

“Today is a special day for the Olympic Channel, and it’s a special day for Zhang Bin, and for me, it’s a special day, too. Because just two hours ago, I found out that, besides me, Zhang Bin has been having an improper relationship with another woman,” she said.

CCTV is trying to limit the fallout after a three-minute clip of the incident, which occurred late last week, became the most watched video clip on the Internet, even though it was cut from the broadcast show.

Hu told colleagues who tried to pull her off the stage that her husband’s infidelities would bring shame on the mainland and the Games.

Her comments about a lack of morality in China are sure to earn her official censure, but her husband’s position is equally perilous.

Zhang, who married Hu in 2002 after divorcing his first wife, is one of the most famous TV anchors in China, though there has been little if any coverage of the incident on the mainstream media.

However, rumors that he may have already resigned are rife online after he failed to appear for a scheduled TV slot over the weekend.