Lionsgate has set a pact with mobile-content player Zed to co-develop projects for mobile devices that are based on Lionsgate properties.

The projects could encompass wallpapers, ringtones, mobisodes and games as well as new community-oriented forms of mobile content. Lionsgate and Zed will oversee financing, development, production, marketing and distribution.

Zed reaches 53 countries, including the U.S. and China, and has deals with 130 wireless providers with a collective 2 billion subscribers.

“We’ve been exploring this but never really had an internal group inside the company or a partnership outside the company that could make it happen,” said Curt Marvis, head of digital media for Lionsgate. “We’re very impressed with Zed and believe that this agreement will be a meaningful way for us to take advantage of the rapid growth in the space.”

The announcement of the deal notes several eye-catching stats. The mobile biz is worth $143 billion, according to the CTIA. Another firm, Experian Consumer Research, says 70% of global consumers will carry at least one cellular device by the end of 2010.

Lionsgate has 12,000 film and TV titles in its library, among them “Saw,” “Dirty Dancing,” “Mad Men” and “Crash.”