WB’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” has grossed a healthy 20 million yuan ($2.93 million) in mainland China from just 86 screens since its release at the end of September — thanks to its 3-D component.

The Chinese government is keen to encourage the development of the 3-D industry, so the genre has a special quota category aside from the normal quota governing foreign imports.

This allows WB to get an extra film into mainstream release and charge prices up to $15 for tickets.

“This film will be released for half a year rather than just a month. And the film’s success will push China to import ‘Avatar’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda 2,’ ” said Wang Shasha, from the publicity department of the digital film unit of China Film Group.

However, some auds were unhappy with the cost of tix, and there were troubles with the one-size-fits-all 3-D glasses, which reportedly made some people feel dizzy. Others were upset at having to pay $100 in compensation for damaged glasses.