Ascent Media has acquired inDplay in a move to bolster Global Media Exchange, the online licensing marketplace it plans to launch early next year.

Privately held inDplay is an online destination for the licensing of distribution rights to independently produced film, TV and other video-based content for worldwide distribution in various formats.

GMX will serve as an online conduit for rights-holders of films, TV shows and other content to buy and sell their wares for use across multiple platforms.

Ascent, a post-production facility owned by John Malone’s Discovery Holding Co., believes it can stand out from rivals in the online rights marketplace because it already provides studios and other entertainment clients with secure ways of digitally transferring their movies, TV shows and other media. Fear that digital files will be pirated on the Web has kept majors from offering their wares to online rights companies in the past.

GMX has also tapped digital media and sports vet Peter Levin as executive adviser. Levin helped broker the inDplay purchase and now serves as an ongoing operations adviser.