Tour Tracker, a database of concert dates, venues and artists, will go live today at AOL Music.

AOL is positioning the site as a destination for data, but ultimately hopes to generate a considerable social network of live music fans. AOL execs say it will also be a useful tool for the industry to monitor interest in artists or tours beyond ticket sales.

“The industry may know of sites with this information but there’s nothing exciting for the fans,” AOL Music VP Bill Crandall told Daily Variety. “Defining a hot tour by reporting on the grosses is a business story. A hot tour for us is where people are clicking for information, what people are following and what people are commenting on.”

Data for the site is being provided by JamBase; American Express is sponsoring the launch and will be offering ticket discounts.

Tour Tracker plans to offer features that are similar to ones found on the Pollstar website such as the ability to search any city, venue or artist.

AOL Music’s network of sites includes Spinner, PopEater and theboombox.

“We have found there is a different behavior and interest between the listener who consumes music and the (concertgoer),” Crandall said. “And live music fans did not have anything like this.”