Steve Wadsworth

President, Walt Disney Internet Group

Impact: At last year’s CES, Disney topper Bob Iger took the stage to introduce a broadband portal for all things Disney.

Wadsworth has been the exec responsible for launching and maintaining the new Disney.com as well as a slew of other initiatives for the increasingly digital Mouse House.

As the technology provider for the entire Disney corporation, Wadsworth’s group has had its hand in everything from the player that streams primetime shows on ABC.com to helping with the backend of the hugely popular ESPN.com.

Wadsworth also has a slew of Disney-branded digital properties under his belt, including the new portal, which has seen major traffic gains since relaunching last February.

And Wadsworth is now in charge of Club Penguin, a virtual world for kids that the Mouse bought last year for $700 million.

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After a five-month delay, DIG also just launched its second massively multiplayer vidgame, “Pirates of the Caribbean Online.”

Beyond the Web, Wadsworth oversees Disney’s mobile efforts, which have had more of a mixed record.

Overseas, Disney has been signing a slew of deals to get its content in front of consumers in regions ranging from Japan to Italy. In the U.S., however, DIG had to shut down its Disney Mobile service earlier last year as it, like many other media companies, found the American market isn’t yet ready to spend big on mobile content.

POV: “International expansion is key for us now,” Wadsworth says. “We have new development studios in Europe and Asia, we’re making acquisitions, and we have expanded our business in China substantially.”