The “Sex and the City” cast may like their fans but apparently they also like their privacy.

At Thursday’s “Sex and the City: The Movie” DVD launch party at the New York Public Library, guests were only able to catch a glimpse of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall as they were whisked away to a remote section of the Library’s upper level as soon as they entered the building.

Meanwhile, in the venue’s main lobby, non-VIP guests sipped on cosmos and munched on miniature grilled cheese sandwiches and caviar.

Before heading upstairs, “Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell discussed her recent HarperCollins deal. She will write two young adult novels about Carrie Bradshaw’s teen years.

“I haven’t even started working on them yet,” Bushnell admitted. “But I love the character, and I am excited to look back at those years and explore what events form her as she becomes a young woman.”

“For me, it is hard enough to figure out Carrie Bradshaw at 40, so I can’t imagine what she is like during puberty,” writer-director Michael Patrick King joked.

King added that he would have a few reservations if he were ever asked to turn the books into a TV series.

“The idea of anyone else even thinking of playing Carrie Bradshaw besides Sarah Jessica Parker is insane. Maybe someone has a time machine and they can go back in time and get Sarah when she was 14.”