Daniel Menaker, a longtime Gotham lit figure who decamped from Random House as editor-in-chief last spring, is hosting a new online interview series.

Touted as a Web first, “Titlepage” will feature roundtable interviews with a group of writers, taking its inspiration from “The Charlie Rose Show,” IFC’s “Dinner for Five” and the French staple “Apostrophes.”

The six-episode first season begins March 3 on http://www.titlepage.tv.

“Titlepage” is the “perfect way to share my enthusiasm for books and their authors — in an instantly and permanently accessible format — with as many readers as possible,” said Menaker. “I’ve always sought out literary conversations, and I think we can make them surprising and entertaining for anyone who might want to stop by.”

Though it will have the production values of a TV show, “Titlepage” will seek to exploit its Web trappings by offering forums for discussion and links to online booksellers.

Show resulted from Menaker’s teaming with Brown Hats Prods., headed by Odile Isralson and Lina Matta.

“One shouldn’t have to have to live in New York City and pay $150 to some elite festival in order to be part of literary culture,” Isralson said. “If we have anything to do with it, you can be having dinner in Gillette, Wyo., and enjoy a great hour of conversation about writing with your dessert and coffee.”