Impact: No online newbie, Reifenberger was well-versed in the digital realm when Turner tapped him to run its new comedy site. But he quickly learned the difference between running sports sites and one devoted to humor: There is no scoreboard for funny.

“You and I could agree whether or not a sporting event was good,” he points out.

Determined to set Super Deluxe apart from college-oriented humor sites, Reifenberger and his team scoured comedy fests to sign up as many established and emerging artists as possible before the site went live a year ago. It has enlisted the likes of Bob Odenkirk, Dave Foley and Richard Belzer to upload comic bits, and features several ongoing series. Odenkirk’s “Derek and Simon,” for example, revolves around Derek Waters and “Big Bang Theory” regular Simon Helberg, while “Layers,” a droll satire about an agent for agents, features twin thesps Jason and Randy Sklar — who have appeared on “Entourage” and “Grey’s Anatomy” — along with “Caveman’s” Nick Kroll.

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Super Deluxe is constantly on the prowl for TV pilots that didn’t find a home on the smallscreen. Indeed, Reifenberger contends that all the talk about striking writers distributing their wares online shows how much the line has blurred between television and Web platforms.

POV: “I think ’08 is going to be a really big year for digital: The money is flowing, usage is good, and the technology’s there,” Reifenberger says. “We’re bullish for ’08.”