Impact: Comstock heads up NBC’s digital media division, handling strategy, business, content and distribution; she also is in charge of marketing and research.

Kliavkoff, who reports to Comstock, runs the day-to-day distribution of the Peacock’s digital wares across several platforms. This year, NBC Universal banded with News Corp. to launch Hulu.com, a joint-venture video platform with Kliavkoff serving as interim CEO; the site already boasts advertisers such as Toyota and Cisco. Meanwhile, NBC.com saw steady growth in its program streaming, which has hit nearly 500 million views since October 2006. Although its iVillage acquisition is still widely seen as a disappointment, the site has seen 16 months of growth and has boosted display ad revenue by 33%.

Also in 2007, NBC U Digital launched the $250 million capital fund Peacock Equity, along with GE Commercial Finance and NBC U; investments include Healthline, Adify and IGA Worldwide (Kliavkoff sits on the Peacock Equity board).

POV: “Last year was about distribution,” Comstock says. “It was the year we felt video in the digital space would take off. … We still take nothing for granted, and business models are still being set. It’s moving so fast that anyone who thinks they know what the answer is ought to stick around another year.”