Barry Diller

CEO, Interactive Corp.

Impact: Once a media mogul, then a multi-media mogul, Diller is about to become a purely interactive media mogul, having given up on the dream of his sprawling Interactive Corp. empire in November by deciding to split it up into five separate companies.

No longer will assets as diverse as the Home Shopping Network, Ticketmaster, Expedia and CollegeHumor.com live under the same roof.

Diller, the former head of Paramount and Fox, will become CEO of the remaining IAC, a Web-only company that includes Ask.com, Match.com, and CitySearch.com

Diller explains that investors were never able to wrap their heads around the old IAC, not to mention that “frustation (was) the daily diet” for him running them all. He also notes that he’s confident the Internet properties are now prosperous enough to generate their own cash flow and take advantage of the fast-growing online ad biz.

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That still leaves him arguably one of the biggest players in the world of Internet media, with a major search engine, comedy portal, dating site, advertising network and soon a videogame destination under his control.

POV: “We started 13 years ago in the online transformation of traditional businesses. We’re now reversing that course with new IAC, beginning with all online businesses that we expect will expand and evolve to multimedia.”