Games giant Electronic Arts aims to have 12 games online by the end of the year and intends to expand soccer game “FIFA 2” to five new foreign territories. “For two years we’ve had one (online) game in one territory. By the end of this year we will have 12 (localized products),” EA’s Asia prexy Jon Niermann told auds at the second Games Convention Asia in Singapore.

News came as EA launched “Warhammer Online” around the globe on Thursday in a bid to take some of the online multiplayer gaming market currently dominated by Activision Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft.”

In Asia, “Warhammer” will roll out in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan; it’s also set for Australia and New Zealand. “FIFA 2,” which was developed and tested in South Korea, will now become available in Japan, China, Thailand and Singapore.

Company is also launching “NBA Street,” which was originally conceived for Xbox 360, as an online game in South Korea, with unconfirmed dates for rollouts in Japan, China and the Philippines.