Proponents of Proposition 8 — which would ban same sex marriage in California — released their first ad today, “Whether You Like It or Not.” The spot features San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom telling an enthusiastic crowd, after the state Supreme Court paved the way for gay marriage, “The door’s wide open now. It’s gonna happen, whether you like it or not!”

Included as well is a fund-raising appeal, which hits Hollywood:

“For the past two months, California voters have been presented with twisted, inaccurate and false information about the same-sex marriage issue. Wealthy gay activists and Hollywood liberals like Brad Pitt have spent $5 million on an 8 week media buy airing an issue advertisement designed to create public support for gay marriage. They even got Attorney General Jerry Brown to rewrite the official description of Proposition 8 in order to bias voters against the measure. And last week our opponents began spending millions on their official campaign ads. It’s no wonder that some polls have reported a drop in support for Prop. 8.”

The ad is here.