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One of the panels at Time Warner’s two-day 2008 election summit in Manhattan turned into a wave of criticism aimed at the McCain campaign — coming from conservative commentators.

“Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada,” declared Byron York of the National Review, according to the Huffington Post. “Bush won everyone of those states except Pennsylvania. McCain has to do it all. And it is hard to do that by going on Letterman.”

Variety’s Dade Hayes writes that there was some consternation among other participants in thje daylong event over the information overload and the news media’s place in the universe.

He writes, “Richard Stengel of Time, in the day’s keynote session moderated by Campbell Brown of CNN, said he wondered what the ubiquity of coverage “is doing to the electorate.” For example, “Every voter has access to all of the position papers and speeches that used to be something only the media had. And yet many political journalists seem to be conspiring to keep people less informed.””