Marty Kaplan argues in the Jewish Journal that John McCain, not Barack Obama, can thank Hollywood if he wins the election.

It’s not because of star endorsements or high-profile donors, but the storyline that is unfolding.

He writes, “It’s that the gradual appropriation by Hollywood of politics, journalism and practically ever other domain of modern life is reaching its apotheosis in McCain’s campaign. His persona, and the story he is telling, and the media narrative that frames and delivers it to us, all come straight from the movies.

“Unfortunately, this movie may end really, really badly.”

He adds, “The Labor Day news that Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is five months’ pregnant adds yet one more genre to the GOP movie arsenal: within minutes of the revelation, one media wag dubbed Bristol Palin “the Juno of Juneau.”

“And what about the heartbeat-away issue? As critic Katha Pollitt wrote, “If life were a Lifetime movie, Palin would do just fine running the country should McCain keel over. Girls can do anything! And look great doing it!” “