The whole issue of whether Sarah Palin appears on Oprah’s show is about as manufactured a controversy as any other we’ve seen this year.

In Winfrey’s defense, ever since she endorsed Barack Obama in May, 2007, she has been explicit about not featuring presidential candidates on her daytime talk show. There was simply nothing for her to gain in having contenders on her show because every question and reaction would be scrutinized for signs of bias. So she never had Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards or John McCain on the show, and no one seemed to complain about it.

Until now. In fact, it’s a little baffling as to why this is an issue. Were Palin to go on the show and say something  stupid,  Winfrey would get the blame with charges of bias because of her endorsement of Obama.

Winfrey has taken heat throughout the campaign for her endorsement, an unusual step in her career that she often reminds that she has never done before. She’s taken some heat for it, rightly or wrongly, on her Website and perhaps in the form of a dip in her ratings.

Now a group of Republican women is organizing a drive to cancel subscriptions to “O—The Oprah Magazine,” protesting the refusal to feature Palin until after the election. Why weren’t they just as upset last year, when Winfrey was out stumping for Obama and not McCain or Romney or any of their preferred candidates?