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A special post-debate edition of “Wilshire & Washington on the Radio,” with Maegan Carberry, Teresa Valdez Klein and guest Media Lizzy is here.

Some more reflections on the debate:

Obama barely flinched during the entire 90 minutes, he was unflappable, even if he wasn’t exactly eloquent or inspirational. McCain by contrast couldn’t disguise his contempt for his rival, and already a YouTube video has appeared that collects his various eye rolls and grimaces. He did get in some of the best lines of the night, but it still had the feel that he was throwing a lot of stuff against the wall to see if anything would stick. There were points during his arguments about Ayers and ACORN where I was just lost, maybe because I was wondering how angry McCain looked. Maybe Joe the Plumber, who seems to be leaning toward McCain, will get some traction in the coming days, as a kind of quasi surrogate. But other than trying to woo a man enjoying his fifteen minutes, there wasn’t anything in the debate that would send the Obama camp into chaotic spin control.