That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

Four days away from the first presidential debate, and the campaigns are in full swing setting expectations for their candidates.

Mike Allen reports in the Politico this quote from Obama spokesman Bill Burton: “John McCain has boasted throughout the
campaign about his decades of Washington foreign policy experience and
what an advantage that will be for him. This debate offers him major
home court advantage and anything short of a game-changing event will
be a key missed opportunity for him.” And Allen predicts that McCain’s camp will try to use Obama’s extensive debate preparation as a way to raise expectations on his side.

The New York Times previews the “completely different styles” of each candidate.

Views from “The View”:
Cindy McCain complained that the women hosts of “The View” “picked our bones clean” in her recent appearance on the show. The New York Times Jacques Steinberg reports, “As it turns out, the McCain interview — in which he received tougher treatment than either he or his Democratic rival, Senator Barack Obama,
had experienced in previous appearances on “The View” — was part of a
conscious effort by Ms. Walters and her producers to insert their
daytime talk show forcefully into the nation’s political conversation
this fall.”

There’s this quote from Whoopi Goldberg, who appears somewhat unimpressed by the field: “I’m pretty sure that as McCain is standing right now, the person he is right now, he is not going to be my choice.”

she quickly added, “Am I happy with where Barack Obama has been
standing? Not particularly. He hasn’t said much. I want to hear
something. I’m going to wait until the debates to figure out who really
has what it takes.”