That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

The collapse of Lehman Bros. and the demise of Merrill Lynch at the very least has reshaped the presidential race this week, as each campaign tries to connect the pains of Wall Street with the anxieties of average Joes.

John McCain unveiled a new ad, “Crisis,” touting his credentials to lead in a time of economic uncertainty, but also said, “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.”

Barack Obama said, “The challenges facing our financial system today are more evidence that too many folks in Washington and on Wall Street weren’t minding the store.”

What is striking is how similar each candidates’ solutions are to the crisis, which are about reforming the regulatory system, albeit each in their own ways. But those don’t strike me as much as solutions to the current crisis as they are preventing a future one. And in that regard, no candidate has yet to really seize the message that they are the clear choice to lead the country out of the economic morass.

Wild Card:
Dean Barkley gains in the race for Senate in Minnesota against Al Franken and Norm Coleman.

Book Ban:
The New York Times says Sarah Palin did inquire about censoring a book at the Wasilla library, “Daddy’s Roommate.”

Greenberg Shots:
Photog Jill Greenberg  admits she tricked John McCain into posing for some sinister shots at an Atlantic Monthly photo shoot, although none were used.